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We understand that most of the visitors to will already know the information below, but just in case here are the basics of commercial financing.

In order to make the proper decision when it comes to commercial loans, you should have an understanding of the basics of commercial financing. There will be some basic terminology used during the application process which you will want to understand beforehand.

Debt Coverage Ratio

The ratio of cash flow to the monthly loan payment is the debt coverage ratio. Lending institutions generally require, on a standard commercial loan, that the property produce a certain amount of monthly cash flow. The standard debt coverage ratio required by most lending institutions is 1.20, though it can be lowered in some circumstances.

Loan to Value

Loan to value is a ratio that compares the value of a property to the amount of the loan. This ratio is very important to lenders and they prefer a loan to value ratio of no more than 0.80. This means they will generally require a down payment of 20% of the property’s purchase price in order to approve the financing.

Loan Term

The term of a loan is the period of time until full payment of the loan is required. For residential mortgages, this is normally either 15 or 30 years. For commercial financing, the loan term is generally a 10-year period, though there are other options.

Prepayment Penalties

On a standard commercial real estate loan, there may be penalties for paying off the loan early. There is generally a sliding scale to determine the amount of the penalty based upon the amount of the loan remaining. Generally speaking, with each year that passes, the penalty percentage will be reduced.

Though there is much more to be known about commercial real estate financing, you can further your understanding by knowing these terms and how they are used.

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